How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost

One famous alternative to the traditional metal braces is Calgary Invisalign. An average treatment cost between $3,500 and $8,000 per set. As you can see, this kind of orthodontic treatment does not come cheap. The question now is if the investment is worth the price. For many of those who have opted to get it, they have enjoyed a lot of advantages compared to the conventional ones. If you are still making a decision between Invisalign and traditional braces, here are a few things to know so you can make an informed decision.

Fewer Visits

If you get a Calgary Invisalign treatment, you will make fewer visits to your orthodontist. You will be given a set of new aligners that you can use for several months. Therefore, you can simply replace your aligners when you are at home every 14 days. Since you no longer have to visit an orthodontist, this would mean lesser expenses for you. This would be very helpful especially if you do not have a dental insurance coverage. On the other hand, wearing traditional braces will require you to visit the clinic every six weeks so your orthodontist can tighten the wires.

Repairs Not Required

One of the most common problems with traditional braces is a loose wire or bracket. When this happens, the user needs to visit their orthodontist for it to be repaired. This will not be an issue if you go for Invisalign. As mentioned earlier, you will be provided with a set of new aligners. Since you have to wear new ones every other week, there is little to no problem encountered when wearing one.

Easy Cleaning

Wearing traditional braces tend to make cleaning the teeth difficult. Orthodontists usually provide their patients with a detailed instruction on how to keep their teeth clean and their metal braces properly. They will discuss the most effective method of removing food particles that may have been lodged or the plaque that has formed around the brackets or maybe near the gum line. These cleaning methods will help prevent tooth decay and lower the risk of gum disease. Users of traditional braces also need to learn how to floss properly. There are also instances wherein users need to have their teeth professionally cleaned to regain back its original whiteness. Meanwhile, Calgary Invisalign does not have any of these issues. Cleaning them is very easy since you simply have to remove the clear braces. Once you do that, you can easily clean your teeth before you begin your day or before you retire to bed at night.

Comfort And Convenience

Apart from needing fewer visits, simpler cleaning, and no repairs, Invisalign offers other great benefits. Users can remove their aligners whenever they want and they can also eat the foods they want. This kind of treatment also utilizes appliances that are nearly invisible, thus allowing users to feel more confident instead of embarrassed. There is no need to tighten the wire regularly; therefore, users will have a more comfortable experience while wearing Invisalign. Lastly, it does not have any wires, which often scratches or bruises the check and the teeth when worn.